Fuck You Im Dead


Read this ¡FLIST! aka Charlie Twitch, has been one of the more unusual fixtures of the Montreal scene over the last couple of years, trafficking in an unusual brand of foreboding art pop over a stream of singles and EPs and in his theatrical live performances... - Chart Attack

Written over an eight year period, Fuck You Im Dead is ¡FLIST!'s debut effort. The album pulls from a plethora of influences, from Carl Perkins' wailing croons, Marc Almond's torch songs, to contemporary mainstays like Busta Rhymes, and M.I.A. The result is a series of dense, ad hoc collages; odes to the human condition skirting sanity's peaks, and some of the most neglected reaches of the soul.

Nov 14th Album release @SATosphère Mtl, QC
Nov 21st M for Montreal@SATosphère Mtl, QC

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